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Disney Karaoke with the Stars: a Zoomeez

March 12, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Via Zoom

Come see Chorale alumni perform Disney classics on Zoom in this unique and irreplicable live show on Friday, March 12 at 6 pm MT. We have invited a handful of extremely talented alumni who have made names in the musical theater sphere and on March 12, you can see them perform for you in a way no others will. From Peter Pan to Moana, the music is recognizable and fun, and as an added bonus, we’ll be learning about the history of Disney music from expert and author Amy Osatinski ’95.

Come see:
Adam Overett ’92
Devin DeSantis ’97
Gia Mora ’97
Jesse Johnson ’99
Jacquie Jo (Billings) Skylings ’01
Rose Ouellette ’03
Zach Kononov ’03

all in this one-night spectacular! Don’t miss it! RSVP at: Sing.ChildrensChorale.org/Stars

This performance is suitable for all ages.